Torque related tool life monitoring

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The Life-Check application

Our SAVEAPP application Life-Check is the torque-dependent toolstore monitoring. An automatic self-learning adaptive system for SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D.

Life-Check determines the wear pattern on the basis of the torque profile on the spindle and activates the mold tool system.

When the maximum wear is reached, Life-Check stores the measured torque. This is added to the determination of the quantity.

After changing to a new cutting edge, the torque of the sharp tool is stored.

Life-Check checks the wear pattern on the basis of the torque and calculates the workpieces to be manufactured.

When the pre-warning limit is reached, the tool-wear monitoring is activated.

Life-Check application advantages:

  • Torque store of the sharp tool
  • Intuitive, self-explanatory operation
  • Uncomplicated & speedy commissioning
  • Revolutionary self-learning process
  • No additional hardware needed
  • No adjustment of the PLC program

Life-Check application optimizes by:

  • avoid tool breakage
  • significantly increased process reliability
  • unambiguous increase in availability
  • measurable reduction in tooling costs
  • better utilization of cutting edges
  • intelligent adaptation of the learned data
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