The Visualization application

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The Cut-Check application

Cut-Check is the first visualization application for professional, visual representation of all process-relevant information directly from the control system.

Cut-Check provides information on the cutting forces of the individual processes. This allows manufacturing problems to be identified, waste minimized, and added value added.

This software can also be used to provide information as a basis for discussion of the problem.

Cut-Check application advantages:

  • detects machining tips
  • detects feed reserves
  • clarifies all cutting forces
  • compares tools from different manufacturers
  • assigns alarm messages to tool and NC set
  • analyzes detailed NC programs
  • shows precisely the efficiency of the machining

Cut-Check application informs about:

  • the exact load on the spindles and axles
  • channel-specific processed NC programs
  • processed NC blocks channel-specific
  • precise main and off-time for programs
  • precise main and off-time for tools
  • the current machine utilization
  • clear info and alarm messages
  • real feed and speed of the tools
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