Adaptive Feed regulation

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The ACTive application

Our SAVEAPP application ACTive is THE dynamic feed control, which automatically adjusts the feed rate of the current load on the tool.

This automatic, adaptive and self-learning system is programmed for use on SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D.
For this purpose, ACTive calculates the optimal feed rate for each machining situation and carries it out independently.

ACTive automatically learns the maximum performance based on obtained data.

From the very first part to be cut, ACTive can automatically detect and control programs, without any additional input or control by the user.


The tool is automatically protected against overload.

ACTive application advantages:

  • Intuitive, self-explanatory operations
  • Uncomplicated & speedy commissioning
  • Revolutionary self-learning process
  • No additional hardware needed
  • No adjustment of the PLC program

ACTive application features:

  • significantly higher process reliability
  • clear reduction of production time
  • noticeable increase in tool life
  • avoiding tool breakage
  • significant increase in added value
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